Maria Svetlakova

Painting, graphics and design.

Contemporary interior painting and graphics, actual modern art.

Зависть 1
interior painting
Зависть 2
interior graphics

About me:

maria svet artistI’m a Russian artist, I live and work at Moscow region at the countryside. I adore minimalism and abstract expressionism.
Besides I’m a teacher at my own design & art school.
I create my artworks for contemporary interiors and regularly participate in art and interior exhibitions and shows.

I’ve been in art all my life and usually see the images inside my mind and try to paint or draw them.
Besides I like to make interiors better with my artworks.
I am passionate about abstract art most of all. It gives me a reason to think about color force and new forms.

I sell my artworks all over the world. My pictures match previously to contemporary interiors, minimalism and hi-tech style .