“Reject everything superfluous and create, search for new meanings and explore the inner world. Give insights to humanity, help people see new things inside themselves, and beyond the horizon.”

Maria Svetlakova is an artist based in Russia whose paintings have been widely exhibited nationally. Through her distinctive abstract expressionist works, she invites viewers into meditative contemplation. For Maria, abstract art allows the opportunity to look deep inside oneself, discovering “new solutions and insights”. Her emotionally evocative pieces are created using mixed media and the impasto technique.

Maria Svetlakova lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

The main direction of her works is abstract expressionism in painting, graphics and digital media. She creates the artworks for living and common interiors, collaborates with interior designers, architects and collectors.

Maria has been in art for all her life. She usually sees the images inside her mind and tries to paint or draw them. Besides, the artist likes to make interiors better with her artworks. She is passionate about abstract art most of all. It gives her a reason to think about color force and new forms.

Maria expresses her own inner world, feelings, and storms in the artworks. She prefers abstract expressionism as a way to break the borders and frames of reality.

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2016 – School of Contemporary Art “LAN”.
2009 – courses at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, digital design.
2007-2009 – private painting workshops.
2006 – Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, design and painting workshops and classes.
2003-2005 – internships in design and art studios in Germany, Belgium, Poland, China.
2003 – Academy of Architecture and Arts of the Southern Federal University, Artist of decorative and applied arts.

Art biography

Since 2019 – collaboration with international online art-galleries: Saatchi Art, Singulart, Artfinder, Artmajeur, etc.

2018 – creation of an online training system for decorators. Developing and implementing of seminars and online courses.

Since 2017 – creation of works in the technique of digital painting.

Since 2016 – member of the Union of Abstract Artists of Russia.

2008 – creation of the school of design and drawing on the basis of the studio. Developing and implementing of author’s training programs for artists, designers and decorators.

2006 – opening of my own design studio. Work on the decoration of public and private interiors, exhibitions, displays and the creation of art objects.

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2020, August, exhibition at the gallery Zdes on Taganka, Moscow

2018, March, Festival of Abstraction Arts “Festival of Abstraction”, Moscow House of Artists.

2017, September, World Art Forum “Art-Geography”, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow.
2017, May, exhibition “The Golden Ring of Russia”, Central Manezh, Moscow.
2017, February, exhibition “English Tea Party”, gallery “Red and Black”, Moscow.

2016, November, Exhibition of the Union of Abstract Artists of Russia “Kandinsky Transformations”, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2016, October, performances as part of the LAN art group, Krasny Center, Moscow.

2014, November, “Russian Art Week”, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2014, February, “Art Salon 2014”, Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2013, II International Project “Abstract Art in Russia”, Moscow.


The artworks are represented at:

singulart artfinder
artmajeur saatchi art